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Bory Tucholskie National Park

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Bory Tucholskie is one of the largest forest complexes in Poland, covering about 3,000 square kilometers covered mainly with conifers with pine at the forefront. The landscape attractiveness is enhanced by the varied terrain with a rich water network. Part of the woods has been protected by law and is now a national park. The Bory Tucholskie National Park covers the area formed by the glacier, or more specifically the phenomena associated with its withdrawal at the end of the last glaciation. Melting ice and water flowing from under it, carrying huge amounts of rock material, formed a flat landscape, decorated with characteristic, long gutter lakes. An undoubted geographical attraction of the park are large clusters of sand dunes - a phenomenon associated rather with the coast of the sea - here occurring as inland dunes. Numerous depressions, often filled with water - are traces of huge blocks of ice detached from the glacier, called "dead loden", which gradually melted as the climate warmed. In addition to the dominant pine, in the national park there are rare plants classified as relics of the period of ice retreat from northern Poland. They especially occupy the areas of extensive peat bogs, formed by overgrowing of shallower lakes. Rare, but even more interesting are the occasional specimens of old oaks and beech trees, once very popular in Bory Tucholskie, mostly destroyed by the robbery economy of the past. The forest areas of Bory Tucholskie are also a refuge for animals characteristic of Central Europe, such as deer, wild boars, deer and foxes, and even wolves. Among the birds, in the Tuchola forests you can find species as rare as black grouse and capercaillie, black storks and migratory falcons. The area of ​​Bory Tucholskie is also a very attractive tourist area. Local attractions include canoeing routes on rivers and lakes, with Lake Charzykowskie and the route of the Great Brda Canal at the head, Kamienne Kręgi in Odry, and hydrotechnical monuments. Accommodation and catering facilities are provided by numerous guest houses and agritourism farms.


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