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Many people visit Kashubia regularly, because it is a place full of charm. The popularity of this place is growing every year. Tourists come from both Poland and all of Europe. We will find picturesque landscapes and beautiful nature here. You can certainly relax here while actively spending time. Kashubia can boast of many traditions, customs and even their own language. Which encourages tourists to visit local places. They have a specific atmosphere, which is largely due to the above-average hospitality of the people living here. An attraction that every tourist visiting Kashubia should see is "Home Upside Down". He enjoys great popularity. It is also worth visiting the Siberian House with a gulag, the House of the Scout, the House of the Kashubian Trapper from Canada, the Bunker and the Pomeranian Griffin Monument, the Carpentry Museum, the Salino Court and the House of the Polish Insurgent from Adampol. Everyone will find something for themselves. The Valley Valley Landscape Park was created in 1981. It was located in the area of ​​seven communes: Słupsk, Dębnica Kaszubska, Kobylnica, Kołczygłowy, Bytów, Czarna Dąbrówka, and Borzytuchom. It has an area of ​​37 040 ha and is located in the area of ​​the middle and lower reaches of the Słupia...

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